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Long intros, dinasaurs drumming, trippy heavy guitar and a half an hour tons of sludge madness!
Teeth of Lions Rule Divine - a band name that delivers the heaviness it’s name suggests.

Sounds From The Balkan Underground special features 33 bands from Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Slovenia! Some of these bands are not active anymore, some are well known, others haven’t even officially released anything yet but each of them deserves your attention. There are more bands we couldn’t include but we leave the door open for second edition. Enjoy!

Tona - Down To Play (Serbia)

Hazarder - Nova (Serbia)

Dala Sun - Fistful of Teeth (Greece)

Bonze’s Fuel - Hateyouth (Greece)

1000mods - Track Me (Greece)

S.I.M.B. - So Heavy, So Slow (Bulgaria)

Brond - Lava Divers (Demo)(Bulgaria)

Trysth - Ordeal Vision (Bulgaria)

Umor - I Am The Sun (Croatia)

Upyr - Into The Tunnels of My Sleep (Bulgaria)

Universe217 - Seek (Greece)

Livia Sura - Adiaforia (Romania)

45 Rats - Double Cut (Greece)

Hesperian Death Horse - Deces (Part 2-Palez) (Croatia)

Obsidian Sea - Mountain Womb (Bulgaria)

Mist - The Living Dead (Slovenia)

Anlipnes - Lats Sunset (Turkey)

OWL OXIDANT - My Name is William Blake (Serbia)

Seven That Spells - Easy Drugs & Hard Women (Croatia)

Sativa - Dreamcatcher (Live) (Bulgaria)

The :Egocentrics - Mystic Initiation (Romania)

Temple of The Smoke - Deadly Skies (Serbia)

NASTROM - Deliblato Sandstorm (Serbia)

Void Forger - Pointless Media (Romania)

Leechfeast - Sea of Hair (Slovenia)

Cojones - Superskunk (Croatia)

SadhuS (The Smoking Community) - Burned By Hand (Greece)

BALKHARA - Dansk Sommer (Bulgaria)

Center - Parallel Defence (Bulgaria)

Brotherhood of Sleep - Aranian Gate (Greece)

The Bliss - Zapukletska (Greece)

Slug Salt Lava - Fallout (Turkey)

Planet of Zeus - Burn This City Down (Greece)


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Deicide - Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)


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