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Play it loud!

Sunday means show time and lots of hard work from our DJ’s. The schedule begins with Leftovers Radio LIVE from Athens, Greece. For Sounds From The Balkan Underground special we’ve picked up 33 bands from Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Slovenia and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. It continues with The Soggy Bog of Doom, The Forest Floor, Gruesome Tunes, Reverend Riff Show and another live show from US - Doomed & Stoned w/ Billy Goate 

Tune in today at or or use Shoutcast radio on your Winamp

The schedule looks like this:

5am EST/ 11am CET Leftovers Radio (LIVE) (GR)

9am EST/ 3pm CET Sounds From The Balkan Underground

1pm EST/ 7pm CET The Soggy Bog of Doom (US)

4pm EST/ 10pm CET The Forest Floor (US)

6pm EST/ 12am CET Gruesome Tunes (CA)

8pm EST/ 2am CET Reverend Riff Show (US)

10pm EST/ 4am CET Doomed & Stoned w/ Billy Goate (US) (LIVE)

And here’s the full playlist and country of origin of each of the bands featured in Sounds From The Balkan Underground special.

Tona - Down To Play (Serbia)
Hazarder - Nova (Serbia)
Dala Sun - Fistful of Teeth (Greece)
Bonze’s Fuel - Hateyouth (Greece)
1000mods - Track Me (Greece)
S.I.M.B. - So Heavy, So Slow (Bulgaria)
Brond - Lava Divers (Demo)(Bulgaria)
Trysth - Ordeal Vision (Bulgaria)
Umor - I Am The Sun (Croatia)
Upyr - Into The Tunnels of My Sleep (Bulgaria)
Universe217 - Seek (Greece)
Livia Sura - Adiaforia (Romania)
45 Rats - Double Cut (Greece)
Hesperian Death Horse - Deces (Part 2-Palez) (Croatia)
Obsidian Sea - Mountain Womb (Bulgaria)
Mist - The Living Dead (Slovenia)
Anlipnes - Lats Sunset (Turkey)
OWL OXIDANT - My Name is William Blake (Serbia)
Seven That Spells - Easy Drugs & Hard Women (Croatia)
Sativa - Dreamcatcher (Live) (Bulgaria)
The :Egocentrics - Mystic Initiation (Romania)
Temple of The Smoke - Deadly Skies (Serbia)
NASTROM - Deliblato Sandstorm (Serbia)
Void Forger - Pointless Media (Romania)
Leechfeast - Sea of Hair (Slovenia)
Cojones - Superskunk (Croatia)
SadhuS (The Smoking Community) - Burned By Hand (Greece)
BALKHARA - Dansk Sommer (Bulgaria)
Center - Parallel Defence (Bulgaria)
Brotherhood of Sleep - Aranian Gate (Greece)
The Bliss - Zapukletska (Greece)
Slug Salt Lava - Fallout (Turkey)
Planet of Zeus - Burn This City Down (Greece)


"The Clarity" by Sleep

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Fuzz - Loose Sutures

(via sonofyule)



The motherhugging Sunday schedule looks exactly like this!

All Times Eastern.
5am Leftovers Radio (LIVE)
11am Crestfallen 
1pm The Soggy Bog of Doom 
4pm The Forest Floor 
6pm Gruesome Tunes 
8pm Reverend Riff Show
10pm Doomed & Stoned w/ Billy Goate (LIVE)


1. Deep - Let It Roll In
2. Sour Cream - Full Crab
3. Gurt - Spiced Doom
4. Bateman - Jabroni
5. Jex Thoth - Ehjä
6. Usnea - Only The End Of The World
7. Taurus - Receed
8. Phant - End of Daonnachta
9. Zaum - Zealot

The Saturday Schedule sounds exactly like this! 

All Times Eastern

4am The Failing Winds

6am Heavy Rotation Radio 

8am HMD Radio Show

9am The Wicked Lady Show 

10am Amplifier Worship

12pm Wake Up At The Other End Of The Universe 

1pm Monolithic Sounds 

2pm The Fist 

3pm Submissions Show

5pm Electric Beard Of Doom 

7pm Best Table In Hell

10pm The Very Heavy Uncle Show


12am Super Rock Sunday