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Let’s just say this isn’t your typical Small Stone record. Gone are the fuzzy guitars, downtuned tempos and resin-coated vocals. But, speaking of guitars, label head Scott Hamilton handles axe duties for this Detroit outfit, so in case you’re wondering why this came out on Small Stone, well…

That said, there’s some pretty decent fuzz riffage on opening track “Never Liked You,” although it almost drowns out the water-logged female vocals at times. Think 90’s alt-rock outfit Garbage, but with guitars. Elsewhere, “One Eye” sounds like The Gathering at their mid-90’s best, before they got a little weird. “Heartfelt” has some slow, wandering passages that are just as heavy as anything on the last couple OM albums, while “Dirge” is somewhat reminiscent of Neurosis in their somewhat quieter moments.

So yeah, maybe this isn’t so out of place on Small Stone, after all.

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